Episode 12: A Review of Adult ADHD

Today’s episode constitutes a review of adult ADHD, with focus on evaluation, diagnosis, management, prognosis, and other concerns regarding adult ADHD. Adult ADHD has long been a controversial topic. The reality is that 50-66% percent of children with ADHD will continue to suffer symptoms into adulthood, and it is no longer considered to be a condition which spontaneously remits with age. In addition, it has more recently been determined that a number of patients that can be diagnosed with adult-onset ADHD did not have symptoms in childhood. However, diagnosing and treating adult ADHD presents its own unique set of challenges, which we will discuss towards the end of today’s episode.

UpToDate.com members can click here to view a comprehensive table regarding pharmacotherapy options for adult ADHD, including dosage and titration schedules.


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