Episode 5: Dementia in DSM5 – Part 1

On today’s episode, we will discuss the first part of a 2-part discussion on neurocognitive disorders according to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Neurocognitive disorders involve acquired disruptions in one or more of the domains of cognition, which include

  • Memory
  • Language,
  • Orientation,
  • Judgment,
  • Conductance of interpersonal relationships,
  • Performing of tasks, and
  • Problem-solving.

It is important to be able to identify, diagnose, treat, and manage neurocognitive disorders in our patients as they can commonly be the basis for psychiatric symptoms, especially in our more elderly population. However, this proves to a challenging field in that it is not always black and white: there are a lot of gray areas as dementia can often have a multifactorial etiology. Neurocognitive disorders are a broad field, and today we will focus on the diagnosing and treating these disorders in the context of DSM5’s structure.


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